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Here it is! Yum, Yum, Yummy!!!!

Okay, okay, I am one week behind. Last weekend was a _______!!  but! I did make those lucious Caramel Apple Cheesecake Bars this past Saturday! My Sister, Barbara came up to visit. Her hubby had to do some repair work on the house from the hurricane we had this year, and Barbara and I did a little scrappin'! I had such a wonderful time being with her it was so much fun! So, while hubby went to get bar-b-que for our dinner I made this yummy-licious recipe that I mentioned in last week blog post and all I can say is, YUUUMMMM!!! They are absolutely delish! I did take a pic before baking it. I almost didn't but Barbara reminded me so I did. And then I took a pic of the finished product! Doesn't it make your mouth just water?! I had always been intimidated by the thought of making cheesecakes, but not any more!! A few years ago I successfully made a wonderful raspberry cheesecake but I haven't made one since. So, when I saw this recipe and found out that it was by Paule Deen I thought, oh yeah, I can make that! So I made this wonderful dessert in no time flat! I do have a couple of hints for you though if you are interested in creating this wonderful dessert yourself and also I did use a different size and type of baking dish. I used my large, square corning ware dish to make this in. The recipe does have nutmeg in it. At first I didn't like the idea of nutmeg in cheesecake but was I ever wrong! The only form of nutmeg to use for this recipe though is freshly ground nutmeg. You can buy the whole nutmeg nuts in the spice section of your favorite super market, especially at this time of year. So.... tip #1 *Use Fresh Nutmeg. Tip #2 is, I think I will use a little more oats in the topping next time. I really liked the flavor and texture it added. #3 I did reduce the use of butter in the recipe both in the crust and the topping. #4 I think that next time I will try my hand at home made caramel sauce. However, if you are in a real pinch for time, you can do like I did and use the wrapped caramel candies with just a bit of water in the microwave. I find that those caramels are definitely not nearly as good as they once were so next time....
Thank you Paula Deen and thanks to all of you bloggers who blog your delicious creations with the rest of us! I am no longer intimidated by CHEESECAKE! ;oD  Got questions? Just ask!
Okay! Back to scrappin'!! Thanks for stoppin' by!
Happy Fall!!


  1. Oh my goodness Julie....did you post the recipe? It turned out beautiful and looks yummy! Loved catching up with you on the blog...

  2. YES! I did!! It was delish! You really must try it if you like cheesecake at all!
    Thanks for stoppin' by!


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