Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Coming Really Soon! An Appreciation Celebration!!

Before too very long I will be having my very first "Appreciation Celebration" open to all of my subscribers on my blog and on you tube! Stay tuned for tons of fun stuff coming your way beginning in mid to late January 2011!!! Please let me know if you are receiving my blog updates and how you are receiving them please.  Thanks!
I wish for you all the happiest and most blessed Holiday Season!
Hugzies to you all!

Friday, December 17, 2010

On this past week of Christmas...

...the 13th through the 16th... I spent the week doing bits of cleaning and laundry, moving furniture for hard wood floors to be laid, working on my Christmas mini, and decorating the Christmas tree!
And today???... I have it all to do again! So! Here I go, here I go! Cleanin', decorating, and crafting!! So much to do and with only SEVEN days left!! I feel a little faint! Oh my!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

On the ???? days of Christmas.....

Okay, Okay! I have missed a few days! So, I'll just give you the highlights okay?!
First, I accidentally left my camera behind along with my facial cleanser and body wash so no pics to share. Let's see... well this past weekend, the 10th, 11th, & 12th I spent the weekend out of town with my sweetheart for the first time in ????? After I found my way to the hotel after taking a very wrong turn, We went out to dinner with some really long time friends and so enjoyed their company :) We, of course did some Christmas shopping and we were very successful at that! We were in much dire need of some time just for us. I am so thankful we were able to do this at this time. Really, It was so very needed.  Okay... so yesterday, Monday, I spent the day and most of the night playing catch up! Catch up on laundry, cleaning, you tubing, (didn't get much of that done), moving furniture for todays task at hand... Hubby is having wood floors installed today and Wednesday in a couple rooms downstairs! What a mess! My dining room is packed with furniture from the living room and our 12 foot Christmas tree stands stuck in the corner of the foyer awaiting to be adorned!! So, the guys are downstairs making so much racket I can hardly think! lol! Our downstairs heating unit went out on us around 7:00 or so last night, so that poor fellow is out in the windy cold trying to get that working again! And this morning the city was flushing the water lines... at least evrything is going on and hopefully getting done in this one day!! Oh! and it snowed most of the day!! So pretty.
I have been trying to get a little Christmas mini album kit up on you tube, I might just do the picture thing! lol!! Okay! Well! I hope everyone is having as exciting a holiday season as we are here at the Lane house!!
Stay warm and safe!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

On the Eighth day of Christmas... I am In Luuuvvv!!!!!!

I received a couple boxes in the mail today! One I had ordered some lovely Cmas papers from and the other a group of papers that Wai Wai was selling on YT which contained the gorgeously delicious Peppermint Twist by Brenda Walton!! I fell in luv!!  lol!! Sooo pretty, sweet, cute, you name it! Thanks tons Wai Wai! Meanwhile, in more serious news... I have followed my tail in circles most of the day trying to pull all together the "Scrap Your Christmas" a workshop done by! and accomplished nothing so far!! LOL! I finally decided just to email her! LOL! Any whooo.... My sister Lynn sent me a link to a nice giveaway over at run over there and check her out!
Okay, I'll probablly be back a li'l later after a shower and dinner to edit this post! Happy Scrappin' everybody!
p.s. I am beginning to get the swing of tweeting and "real" blogging thanks does go to Shimelle! Luvin' it!! Look out galz I'm on a roll!!!
A few pics to share...

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