Friday, February 7, 2014

A New Project and Back to my first Love in 2014!

I have wanted to make something for my Aunt Shirley for a couple or more years now, but i wanted it to be something she would use practically. Since I have been heavy into creating books and mini albums, my sweet, dear mom has not been so thrilled with me, even though she tried her best to love my newest craft as much as I did. She even bought all of the tools and wares of the trade to feel more a part and to show her support. She tried so very hard, but my mom's side of the family are mostly all seamstresses you see! For my mom, her mom, and her two sisters, it was all about sewing of any kind. They could sew anything they wanted. 
My grandmother, who is no longer with us, was the most excellent seamstress I have ever yet known. She basted her seams by hand before she ever took them to her tread peddle singer. She made all of her clothes! She made her aprons, everything! She even made her own, most beautiful, full length coats to wear in winter. All her hand work was always beautifully done. So, naturally, her grand talents and love for perfection was passed on to her children and to some of her grandchildren, and yes one of them is me. I am so proud of my heritage in so much more than just the talents I've been blessed with, I am thankful most for the Godly heritage my grandmother passed on to us all. But for now, back to this project...
 Even though my mom was and still is an excellent seamstress, she did her best to teach the basics of sewing, but I seemed to have ideas of my own. So, one day, I took some money I had earned, bought some fabric and a pattern and jumped out of the nest all on my own! And after putting a hidden pocket in that wrap around skirt at least three different times, I was in love with sewing and I never looked back! So, my very first love was and still is being a seamstress you see? Now, you will understand my choice in this project. It is for a seamstress who is not a scrap booker, card maker, or anything that has anything to do with paper. Fabric is her passion. 
I had thought about, and may still do it, making her a practical recipe album, but for now, I am making her this one of a kind sewing notions book, so to speak. It will open like a book and have pages inside like a book, the difference is that it is made of fabrics rather than papers. 
So... I am so happy with the way it is turning out so far, I thought I would share a few pics with you now. The first pic is the front cover.
God bless you all and thanks so much for stopping by my blog :o)

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