Tuesday, March 18, 2014

"He Created Me"

"Creator." What other title brings such feeling and flood of emotions like this one can? This title alone allows us to pass on a part or portion of who we are to that which we have created. With that being said, we will go to great lengths to guard and protect that which we name as our own creation.
I posted a couple of videos yesterday of children grown into young people who had found themselves abandoned of those whom they believed would always protect them and keep them safe from all harm. But I am posting this so that they and those like them, and those who find themselves feeling like them, lost, abandoned, undone, with no source of hope it seems... to let you know, no matter in what situation you find yourself you can know your Creator has not or never will abandon you or leave you without anything that you have need of, ever. Our Creator gave me the following lyrics and I want to you to read them, believe them, and never, ever, forget them. This song is for us all because we are all God's creation.
****  **** **** **** ****
He created me.
He created me.
My every need He sees.
He created me.

He is with me always.
Every moment of the day and night He sees... Me.
He watches over me
He created me.

In His shape, In His form
He created me.

He'll never leave me alone
He's always at my side.
I am never alone
No matter where I roam
Near or far I am always at home.
He created me.

He made a lot of things
Gave them all a place
He spoke the word, they came to be
But He created me
With His own hands
He created me.

I am the jewel of His eye
I make His heart skip a beat
He is Almighty God
and He created me.

I love Him! I love Him!
I love Him!
He created me!

He knows all that I need
And He will take care of me.
When I reach out and call out His name
I will find He is right beside me
Right where I need Him to be.
To comfort and help me.
He created me.
Don't you see?
He created You and Me.

Forever in His debt. Thankful in His Service.
Loving Him ever,
Julie Lane 

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