Friday, February 6, 2015

I Am American and this is My Country!

I believe in my heart that the anger and revolt that people are voicing in the social media groups, in protest marches, in truly very small ways are simply trying to convey as do I the words that here to follow. Though extremely simple, I believe it is how most of us truly feel.
My heart feels such great sadness and such heaviness to see this country, the place that I have called home for all of my life, turn into a place that I can barely recognize any more. Considering that true, honest, hard working, Americans have sacrificed so very much for the freedoms that we see being taken from us by our own government, no less, on a daily basis. And with each new election of government offices we find ourselves governed by those who work against the further building of this once great, unified nation, but rather they only seek to tear down all that is good, and honorable. Stomping under their own feet the blood, sweat, agonizing tears of loss that help to build this country to the great nation that it had become. A refuge to those who had none in their own land. A new beginning to those who had lost everything in their own place of birth. A place shelter of protection from the dangers that ensued them.
Not that these peoples should come in among us and take from us all that we as Americans have given our lives to build. Our beliefs, our priciples, our unity.
All of the things whirling around in the news and media is not about any prejudices at all what-so-ever. It is about one thing and one thing only. This is Our Country! We have and continue to work hard to make it the place that all other people of the world can come to if need be for peace, for refuge, for safety, for a new hope, but not to flood into our borders and take it away from us by imposing on us other religions, other languages, other equalities that we are not willing to accept. This si our Country, The United States of America, the one and only and just as we would not go into your borders as a people and seek to change all of your ways of life, we do not accept any other nation or people to come into our borders to take away, force us in any way to give up all that we have stood for as a nation. No more! I am American and this is my Country! Amen.

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